As an independent, community run theatre in New Hampshire’s North Country, The Colonial is uniquely positioned to spotlight diverse perspectives through independent film, music, and art from around the country, and the world. Three essential documentaries examining race in America (I Am Not Your Negro, Whose Streets?, and Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am) were just made available for purchase through Magnolia Pictures. 

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Life Itself

Ends June 29

Filmmaker Steve James chronicles the life of film critic Roger Ebert, especially his career highlights, his battle with alcohol, and his sometimes ruthless rivalry with fellow critic Gene Siskel.

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Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth

Ends June 27

Eight people quarantined themselves for two years in a closed-system biosphere with plants, animals, an ocean and its own atmosphere. What could possibly go wrong?

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Which Way Home

Sat, Jun 20 – Sat, Jun 27

The personal side of immigration as child migrants from Mexico and Central America risk everything to make it to the US riding atop freight trains.

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Sorry We Missed You

Hoping that self-employment through gig economy can solve their financial woes, a hard-up UK delivery driver and his wife struggling to raise a family end up trapped in the vicious circle of this modern-day form of labour exploitation.

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A black comedy of middle-aged masculinity gone awry, a recent divorcee who becomes obsessed with a vintage fringed deerskin jacket that begins to exert an uncanny hold on him.

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One Ocean Film Tour

One Ocean Film Tour

Mon, Jun 8 – Wed, Jun 10

Submerse yourself in the beauty, adventure and stories of One Ocean–America's Ocean Film Tour. Enjoy our hand-curated compilation of the most spectacular conservation, sport, adventure and unique stories of the seven seas as we present gripping, non-stop tales.

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Exhibition on Screen: Rembrandt

Available until June 6

A unique opportunity to behold a remarkable collection of great Rembrandt works. A once-in-a-lifetime event hosted by London's National Gallery, in collaboration with Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, is a major exhibition of Rembrandt's late masterpieces.

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Kat Wright

Thu, Oct 31 8:00 pm

Kat Wright brings her sultry voice back to The Colonial on Halloween night!

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Downton Abbey

Sat, Oct 26 – Fri, Nov 1

The beloved Crawleys and their staff prepare for the most important moment of their lives. A royal visit from the King and Queen of England will unleash scandal, romance and intrigue that will leave the future of Downton hanging in the balance.

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A documentary chronicling progressive rock radio station WBCN, Boston during 1968–74, through the sights, sounds and stories of the station's role in both covering and promoting the dramatic social, political and cultural changes that took place during that era.

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Brittany Runs a Marathon

Sun, Oct 20 – Wed, Oct 23

A hard-partying woman receives a startling wake-up call when a doctor visit reveals how unhealthy she is. Motivated to lose weight, she soon takes up running to help her prepare for her goal of competing in the New York City Marathon.

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Official Secrets

Sat, Oct 12 – Wed, Oct 16

A thriller based on the life of a whistleblower who leaked a memo that the NSA had eavesdropped on diplomats from countries tasked with passing a UN resolution on the invasion of Iraq.

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The Peanut Butter Falcon

Sun, Oct 6 – Wed, Oct 9

After running away from a residential nursing home to pursue his dream of becoming a pro wrestler, a man who has Down syndrome befriends an outlaw who becomes his coach and ally.

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Mon, Sep 30 – Wed, Oct 2

From massive waves to melting ice, filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky travels around the world to capture stunning images of the beauty and raw power of water.

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Anaïs Mitchell

Sun, Sep 29 8:00 pm

Returning to The Colonial where she performed an early version of Hadestown, Anaïs Mitchell is a Vermont and Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter who comes from the world of narrative folksong, poetry and balladry. “A national treasure; one of our great modern singer-songwriters” —Time Out

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Sat, Sep 21 – Wed, Sep 25

A woman utilizes ancient beekeeping traditions to cultivate honey in the mountains of Macedonia. When a neighbouring family tries to do the same, it becomes a source of tension as they disregard her wisdom and advice.

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Sat, Sep 14 – Wed, Sep 18

An all-star high school athlete and accomplished debater, Luce is a poster boy for the new American Dream. When Luce’s teacher makes a shocking discovery in his locker, Luce’s stellar reputation is called into question.

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Featuring some of the world’s most inspiring women in the name of adventure. 7 short films showcase real stories about women from a variety of cultures and sports around the world – from running a marathon across 7 continents to cliff diving.

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An uplifting documentary chronicling the passion, pressure and potential surrounding the International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs hosted by The Van Cliburn Foundation—a prestigious event which reunites 75 of the world's best amateur pianists with their dreams, if only for a brief time.

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The Farewell

Sun, Sep 8 – Wed, Sep 11

A Chinese family discovers their beloved Grandmother has only a short while left to live, decide to keep her in the dark and schedule an impromptu wedding to gather before she passes. 

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Sat, Sep 7 8:00 pm

A dirty fightin', gator wrestlin', foot stompin' bluegrass-hip-hop band that combines authentic bluegrass and rap into a new genre.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Sun, Sep 1 – Wed, Sep 4

A TV star and his stunt double make their way around a changing industry in a1969 Hollywood that they don’t recognize anymore, who also lives next door to Roman Polanski & Sharon Tate whose futures will forever be altered by members of the Manson Family.

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Credited as “the king & queen of the banjo,” Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn are a one of a kind pairing. Spanning murder ballads, gospel, chamber, and blues, the grammy-award winning duo lend their distinct banjo styles to a diverse repertoire.

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Sat, Aug 24 – Wed, Aug 28

Tracy Edwards leads the first all-female crew in a grueling yacht race that covers 33,000 miles.

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Sat, Aug 17 – Wed, Aug 21

A struggling musician wakes up to discover that no one has ever heard of the Beatles.

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Monty Python delivers the group's sharpest and smartest satire of both religion and Hollywood's epic films. Set in 33 A.D. Judea where the exasperated Romans try to impose order, it is a time of chaos and change with no shortage of messiahs and followers willing to believe in them.

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The Hot Sardines

Fri, Aug 9 8:00 pm

Fueled by the belief that classic jazz feeds the heart and soul, The Hot Sardines are on a mission to make old sounds new again and prove that joyful music can bring people together in a disconnected world.

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Modern Times Theater

Wed, Aug 7 11:00 am

“The Perils of Mr. Punch” follows the troubles and travails of puppetry’s favorite loudmouth, Mr. Punch.

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Echo in The Canyon

Sun, Jul 28 – Wed, Jul 31

Echo In The Canyon celebrates the explosion of popular music that came out of LA’s Laurel Canyon in the mid-60s as folk went electric and The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield and The Mamas and the Papas gave birth to the California Sound.

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Natalie Merchant SOLD OUT

Sat, Jul 27 8:00 pm

For A Summer Evening with Natalie Merchant, she will be joined by her longtime guitarist Erik Della Penna, with whom she has been playing for two decades; they will perform material from the past thirty-five years of Merchant’s career.

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Sun, Jul 21 – Wed, Jul 24

Never-before-seen footage and performances showcase the life of famed opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti.

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The Quebe Sisters

Sat, Jul 20 8:00 pm

Progressive Western Swing with archtop guitar, upright bass, fiddles and three-part sibling harmony. A unique Americana blend of Western Swing, Jazz-influenced Swing, Country, Texas-Style Fiddling, and Western music.

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Thu, Jul 18 7:30 pm

Award-winning independent filmmaker Jay Craven’s sci-fi film noir thriller set in the near future.

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Golf Tournament

Sun, Jul 14 1:00 pm

14th Annual Colonial Theatre Benefit Golf Tournament sponsored by Littleton Chevrolet, The Maplewood Golf Club, Sunday, July 14

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Late Night

Sat, Jul 13 – Wed, Jul 17

Legendary late-night talk show host’s world is turned upside down when she hires her only female staff writer.

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REEL Outdoors: Maidentrip

Fri, Jul 12 7:30 pm

A 14-year-old sets out on a two-year voyage in pursuit of her dream to become the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone.

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Sat, Jul 6 – Wed, Jul 10

The epic musical story of Elton John, his breakthrough years and his transformation from shy piano prodigy to international superstar.

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The War & Treaty

Fri, Jul 5 8:00 pm

The War and Treaty blend roots, folk, gospel, and soul, boasting a sound that’s both stirring and sensual, driven by joy, determination, and an unceasing upward gaze.

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Featuring a cast of prominent musicians and artists, the film captures five days in the life of a guitar shop in the heart of Greenwich Village that remains resilient to the encroaching gentrification.

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Sat, Jun 29 – Wed, Jul 3

An unfiltered comedy about two academic superstars and best friends who, on the eve of their high school graduation, suddenly realize that they should have worked less and played more.

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The Capitol Steps

Fri, Jun 28 8:00 pm

A troupe of Congressional staffers-turned-comedians who travel the States satirizing the very people and places that once employed them.

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The Souvenir

Sat, Jun 22 – Wed, Jun 26

A shy film student begins finding her voice as an artist while navigating a turbulent courtship with a charismatic but untrustworthy man.

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Sat, Jun 15 – Wed, Jun 19

A wry, slyly seductive tale of sex, lies, and literature. Set amidst the bohemian intelligentsia of the Parisian publishing world.

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The White Crow

Sat, Jun 8 – Wed, Jun 12

Young Rudolf Nureyev becomes a top ballet dancer in Russia, but a life-changing visit to Paris soon makes him seek asylum in France.

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“I envy the Japanese” Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo. In the exhibition on which this film is based – VAN GOGH & JAPAN at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam – one can see why.

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Wild Nights with Emily

Sat, Jun 1 – Wed, Jun 5

In the mid-19th century, Emily Dickinson is writing prolifically, baking gingerbread, and enjoying a passionate, lifelong romantic relationship with another woman, her friend and sister-in-law Susan… yes this is the iconic American poet, popularly thought to have been a recluse.

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Traditional-leaning pickers from the Northeast, the Ghost of Paul Revere began to make waves after an appearance at the famed Newport Folk Festival. They have been classified as bluegrass, "holler roots" and "holler folk," but the Portland, Maine-based trio draws inspiration from beyond those Americana-esque realms.  The trio lend their voices to their folk-y call-and-responses with a definite rocker vibe.

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Amazing Grace

Sat, May 25 – Wed, May 29

Amazing Grace, featuring Aretha Franklin at the height of her powers, is one of the greatest concert documentaries ever made.

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Bringing the joy of cat videos to the masses with a compilation of the latest and best cat videos culled from countless hours of unique submissions and sourced animations, music videos, and, of course, classic internet powerhouses.

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Bringing the joy of cat videos to the masses with a compilation of the latest and best cat videos culled from countless hours of unique submissions and sourced animations, music videos, and, of course, classic internet powerhouses.

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The Mustang

Sat, May 18 – Wed, May 22

A convict in a rural Nevada prison struggles to escape his violent past is required to participate in an "outdoor maintenance" program as part of his state-mandated social rehabilitation is accepted into the selective wild horse training section of the program.

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A documentary about the first female filmmaker Alice Guy-Blaché, who made her first film in 1896 at age 23 and went on to write, direct, or produce more than 1,000 films.

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Pat Metheny Solo

Thu, May 16 8:00 pm

**SOLD OUT**  20-time Grammy Award-Winning guitarist and the only person to win a Grammy in 10 different categories.

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Sat, May 11 – Wed, May 15

A couple and their two children fight for survival against four strangers who look just like them.

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Reel Rock 13 blazes across the planet with a brand new collection of the year’s best climbing films, delivering jaw-dropping action, soulful journeys and rollicking humor.

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In November 1940, days after the Nazis sealed 450,000 Jews in the Warsaw ghetto, a secret band of journalists, scholars and community leaders decides to fight back.

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Apollo 11

Sat, May 4 – Wed, May 8

Apollo 11 is a cinematic space event film 50 years in the making of the mission to land on the moon led by commander Neil Armstrong and pilots Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins. Featuring never-before-seen large-format film footage of one of humanity's greatest accomplishments.

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Free Solo

Fri, Nov 2 7:30 pm

Alex Honnold completes the first free solo climb of famed El Capitan’s 3,000-foot vertical rock face at Yosemite National Park.

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The Wife

Sat, Oct 20 – Wed, Oct 24

After nearly forty years of marriage, the Castlemans are complements. He enjoys his very public role as a novelist, she pours her considerable intellect, grace, charm, and diplomacy into the private role of Great Man’s Wife.

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The Children Act

Sat, Oct 13 – Wed, Oct 17

A High Court judge must decide if she should order life-saving treatment for a teen with cancer despite his family's refusal to accept it for religious reasons.

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Greg Brown

Fri, Oct 12 8:00 pm

A seasoned songwriter, storyteller, and musician who moves audiences with warmth, humor, a thundering voice and unpretentious musical vision.

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Juliet, Naked

Sun, Oct 7 – Wed, Oct 10

A former rocker develops an unexpected bond with a woman whose ex-boyfriend is his biggest fan.

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Manhattan Shorts

Fri, Oct 5 – Sat, Oct 6

Over 100,000 film-lovers unite in over 350 cities across 6 continents to view and vote on the finalists’ films in the 21st Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival.

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Sat, Sep 29 – Thu, Oct 4

From visionary filmmaker Spike Lee comes the incredible true story of an American hero. Produced by the team behind the Academy-Award-winning GET OUT.

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We The Animals

Sat, Sep 22 – Wed, Sep 26

Us three. Us brothers. Us kings, inseparable. Three boys tear through their childhood, in the midst of their young parents’ volatile love that makes and unmakes the family many times over.

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REEL Outdoors: Blood Road

Fri, Sep 21 7:30 pm

Blood Road follows the journey of ultra-endurance mountain bike athlete Rebecca Rusch and her Vietnamese riding partner, Huyen Nguyen, as they pedal 1,200 arduous miles along the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail through the dense jungles of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

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Instructions on Parting weaves breathtaking artistic footage with cinema verite to tell an elegiac story about transformation, grief, and the essential nature of the collective human journey.

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Sat, Sep 15 – Wed, Sep 19

A portrait a woman who has reached her early 40s without ever venturing far from home, family or her tight-knit immigrant community, discovers she has a talent for jigsaw puzzles and sneaks away to partner with a man for a puzzle tournament. As she experiences independence for the first time, she begins to view her value and the pieces of her own life in a whole new light.

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The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Sat, Sep 8 – Wed, Sep 12

Cameron Post looks the part of a perfect high school girl. But after she’s caught with another girl in the back seat of a car on prom night, Cameron is quickly shipped off to a conversion therapy center that treats teens “struggling with same-sex attraction.”

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One of the most influential of all sci-fi films—and one of the most controversial —Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 is a delicate, poetic meditation on the ingenuity—and folly—of mankind.

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Shovels & Rope

Sun, Sep 2 8:00 pm

Shovels and Rope combines elements of country and punk rock to create its own brand of raw, American roots music.

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Eighth Grade

Sat, Sep 1 – Thu, Sep 6

Thirteen-year-old Kayla endures the tidal wave of contemporary suburban adolescence as she makes her way through the last week of middle school.

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The History of Love

Thu, Aug 30 6:00 pm

“Be it Yiddish from Minsk in the 1940s or NYC in 2006, or a Spanish-language volume from Chile translated via computer, the importance of words runs through the story with a brand of cinematic heft no text message is likely to equal.” —Screen Daily

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This event is to raise funds for OAKS (Organized Acts of Kindness ) is a group of committed local individuals working to create a Village to Village model in our community to support Senior Citizens. 

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Leave No Trace

Sat, Aug 18 – Wed, Aug 22

A father and daughter have lived off the grid for years in the forest when their idyllic life is shattered

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Hailed as one of the most influential climbers of all time, Fred Beckey is the original “dirtbag” – one who abandons societal norms and material comforts in pursuit of a nomadic mountaineering lifestyle.

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Thu, Aug 16 6:00 pm

”Marshall offers thrills, mystery, and gripping storytelling.“ —Danielle Solzman, Cultured Vultures

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Three Identical Strangers

Sat, Aug 11 – Wed, Aug 15

Three strangers are reunited after being born identical triplets, separated at birth, and adopted by three different families.

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Ranky Tanky

Fri, Aug 3 8:00 pm

“Ranky Tanky” translates loosely as “Work It,” or “Get Funky!” In this spirit this Charleston, SC based quintet performs timeless music of Gullah culture born in the southeastern Sea Island region of the United States.

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Hester Street

Thu, Aug 2 6:00 pm

“...a marvelously evocative study of Jewish immigrant life in turn-of-the-century New York” —Radio Times

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The Gardener

Sun, Jul 29 – Wed, Aug 1

Influential gardener Frank Cabot recounts his personal quest for perfection at his twenty-acre English style garden in Quebec

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Dustbowl Revival

Sat, Jul 28 8:00 pm

Dustbowl Revival has been making a name for itself with a vibrant mix of vintage Americana sounds.

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The Grapes of Wrath

Fri, Jul 27 6:00 pm

Tom Joad returns to his home after a jail sentence to find his family kicked out of their farm due to foreclosure. He catches up with them on his Uncle’s farm, and joins them the next day as they head for California and a new life... hopefully.

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Benefit Golf Tournament

Sun, Jul 22 1:00 pm

The 13th Annual Colonial Theatre Benefit Golf Tournament This benefit tournament raises funds to support programming and improvements to The Colonial—so please join us for an enjoyable day of golf and support The Colonial Theatre too! SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018 at 1:00 pm BETHLEHEM COUNTRY CLUB, Bethlehem, NH

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On Chesil Beach

Sat, Jul 21 – Wed, Jul 25

Adapted by Ian McEwan from his bestselling novel, the drama centers on a young couple of drastically different backgrounds in the summer of 1962.

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Fri, Jul 20 7:30 pm

Middle Aged Men In Lycra! At last, the love that can finally be shared — that of man for bike. We’ve shaved our legs and we’re here to stay!

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Fugitive Pieces

Thu, Jul 19 6:00 pm

“One of the most delicate, approachable and rewarding Holocaust movies of recent years.” —Wally Hammond, TIME OUT

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The Seagull

Sat, Jul 14 – Wed, Jul 18

Directed by Michael Mayer; Cast: Saoire Ronan, Annette Bening, Corey Stoll, and Elizabeth Moss; 98 mins, PG-13 One summer at a lakeside Russian estate, friends and family gather for a weekend in the countryside.

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Fri, Jul 13 7:30 pm

From Alaska to Norway armed with drones, Go-Pros and helicopters, director Jennifer Peedom has fashioned an astonishing symphony of mountaineers, ice climbers, free soloists, heliskiers, snowboarders, wingsuiters and parachuting mountain bikers.

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Rebirth Brass Band

Thu, Jul 12 8:00 pm

Whether seen on HBO’s Treme or at their legendary Tuesday night gig at The Maple Leaf, Grammy-winning Rebirth Brass Band is a true New Orleans institution.

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4-6 PM | For tickets & information contact This event is to raise funds for the purchase of a ballot scanning/counting machine for Bethlehem elections—a speedy and reliable scanning machine used throughout NH and approved by the Secretary of State.

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First Reformed

Sat, Jul 7 – Wed, Jul 11

Written & Directed by Paul Schrader; Cast: Ethan Hawke, Amanda Seyfried; 108 mins, Rated R Reverend Ernst Toller is a solitary, middle-aged parish pastor at a small Dutch Reform church in upstate New York on the cusp of celebrating its 250th anniversary.

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Devon Gilfillian

Fri, Jul 6 8:00 pm

Fueled by groove, guitar, and the powerful punch of his voice, Gilfillian and his four-piece band shine a light on this young songwriter who has absorbed everything from the R&B swagger of Al Green and Ray Charles to the rock & roll heroics of Jimi Hendrix.

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Keep the Change

Thu, Jul 5 6:00 pm

“It’s an ode to self-discovery and acceptance that’s as funny as it is sweet.” —Variety

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The Rider

Sun, Jul 1 – Wed, Jul 4

Written & Directed by Chloe Zhao; 104 min, Rated R Based on his a true story, THE RIDER stars breakout Brady Jandreau as a once rising star of the rodeo circuit warned that his competition days are over after a tragic riding accident.

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Asleep at the Wheel

Sat, Jun 30 8:00 pm

Between those Texas Twin Fiddles and Boogie Piano, you can bet you’ll be dancin’ down the aisles and swingin’ all night long when the Wheel rolls into town!

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Girls Guns and Glory

Sat, Jun 16 8:00 pm

A mix of old school country, early rock ‘n’ roll, blues, and country rock. Inspiration is taken from Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Johnny Horton classics.

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I’ll Push You: A Real-Life Inspiration tells the story of two lifelong friends, Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray, embarking on an epic, 500-mile-long journey to hike Spain’s famed El Camino de Santiago.

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Session Americana

Sat, Jun 2 8:00 pm

Session Americana is a rock band in a tea cup, or possibly a folk band in a whiskey bottle. This band/collective of talented musicians craft an musical experience unlike any other.

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Cashore Marionette

Fri, May 25 6:30 pm

The internationally acclaimed Cashore Marionettes redefine the art of puppetry. The moving and humorous performances have astounded audiences worldwide.

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