Thu, Jul 6 7:00 pm

Patio Party: 6:00 PM | Speaker: 6:30 PM | Film: 7:00 PM

Director: James Gray, Cast: Banks Repeta, Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong, Anthony Hopkins, Jaylin Webb, Jessica Chastain, R

An exquisitely detailed and deeply emotional etching of a time and place: Queens, 1980. Set against the backdrop of a country on the cusp of ominous sociopolitical change,

Armageddon Time follows Paul Graff (Banks Repeta), a sixth grader who dreams of becoming an artist. At the same time that Paul builds a friendship with classmate Johnny (Jaylin Webb), who’s mercilessly targeted by their racist teacher, he finds himself increasingly at odds with his parents (Jeremy Strong and Anne Hathaway), for whom financial success and assimilation are key to the family’s Jewish-American identity.

Guest Speaker: Rick Winston, Film Historian
Rick Winston was the co-owner of Montpelier’s Savoy Theatre for 29 years and served as program director of the Green Mountain Film Festival for 14 years. He has taught film history at Burlington College, Community College of VT, Goddard College and Osher Life-long Learning Institute, and has presented film lectures throughout the State of Vermont.