2019/20 Friends of The Colonial Board

Tami Nason, President, Bethlehem, NH

Rusty Talbot, Vice President, Sugar Hill, NH

Marsha Gingue, Treasurer, Bethlehem, NH

Priscilla Hindley, Secretary, Franconia, NH

Teri Bordenave, Lancaster, NH

Bruce Caplain, Bethlehem, NH

Carol Carlson Cunningham, Twin Mountain, NH

Nancy Czarny, Bethlehem, NH

Scott Hunt, Bethlehem, NH

Jae Kim, Sugar Hill, NH

Diane King, Sugar Hill, NH

Jeremy Knowlton, Littleton, NH

Zak Mei, Easton, NH

Marcia Roosevelt, Sugar Hill, NH

Colonial Staff

Christine Kelly, Executive Director
ckelly@bethlehemcolonial.org • Tel: 603-869-5603

Stephen Dignazio, Director of Programming
sdignazio@bethlehemcolonial.org • Tel: 603-869-5603

Jane Storella, House Manager
cthousemgr@gmail.com • Tel: 603-991-9600

Contracted Services

Jeremiah Brooks, Sound Engineer & Internet Technician
miah@zsoundnorth.com • Tel: 603-838-6222

Roland Shick, Lighting Technician

John Tully, House Photographer

Mary Ellen Russell, Advertising & Graphic Design