One Time Donations

The Colonial is able to bring outstanding world-class music, independent films, film series, and engaging family entertainment to the White Mountains because of support from people like you. We hope you will consider a donation to help support all the The Colonial does in your community.

Make a tax-deductible* donation online: 

or donate by mail: The Colonial Theatre, PO Box 204, Bethlehem, NH 03574

*Every donation of $250 or more includes an individual or household membership.

Sustaining Donations

Instead of making a single gift once a year, Sustaining Donors make a tax-deductible automatic monthly contribution on a credit card — just like you’d pay for other subscription services.

Your monthly contribution can be in the amount you choose. (Minimum of $5 monthly). *Every monthly sustaining donation of $10 or more includes an individual or household membership.

Become a sustaining donor with your credit card or PayPal by following these steps:

  1. Click on this donation link
  2. Set your monthly donation amount.
  3. Select the “Make this a monthly donation” checkbox, as seen here:
  4. Complete your donation.
  5. You’re all set! The Colonial will send you a confirmation letter in the mail.

Or fill out our Sustaining Donor Form and drop it in the mail:

Click Here to download the Sustaining Donation Form

Your Sustaining monthly support will continue automatically unless you choose to change or cancel it.


Thank you for supporting The Colonial Theatre!