“It entertains! It informs! It educates! And it allows my voice to be heard.”

Eric Meth

How long have you been a member?

I’ve had the privilege to be a member for nine years.

Why did you become a member?

That’s easy. I moved to our North Country community for my love of skiing and outdoor activities. But, the movies and the live events presented by The Colonial support and sustain my love for the arts… and my soul! I support and sustain my home for those arts… with my Colonial membership! Besides, there’s nothing like seeing a small movie on a big screen!

Do you have a favorite event(s) and why?

Up until a few years ago, this was an easy choice: The Manhattan Short Film Festival. For one evening I get to travel around the world with some very talented filmmakers, never knowing if the works will make me laugh, cry, or touch my heart with a wonderful story. But more recently, choosing a favorite is much tougher. The Reel Outdoor Film Festival never fails to get my juices flowing. What resonates most with me is that the selections introduce me to personalities and their adventures through breathtaking, beautiful cinematography. When I leave The Colonial, I feel like I’ve experienced the adventure that unfolded on the screen — a great feeling. And I can’t leave out all the wonderful live music performances, from my long-time favorites, Richard Thompson and Leo Kottke, to a new favorite, Gangstagrass.

What do you like best about The Colonial?

The Colonial defines what our community can and should be. Through its screenings, discussions, and lectures, The Colonial consistently supports, sponsors, and promotes local causes and organizations. All this is what is best about The Colonial: It entertains! It informs! It educates! And it allows my voice to be heard.

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