Member & Volunteer Anastasia Maher

How long have you been a member?

I have been a member since 2019!

Why did you become a member?

I became a member so I could help bring “the next great thing” to the North Country! Now more than ever it’s important to put your money behind what you believe in, and I firmly believe in the cultural, community, and creative center The Colonial has made itself. It’s time for young people like myself to start investing in the types of institutions we want to keep in our communities. In return for your support, I feel like the Colonial gives you generous perks that make it even easier to enjoy their movies, shows, and events.

Do you have a favorite movie?

That was such a difficult question to answer until “Booksmart”. When it came to The Colonial I saw it at least 4 times there, and have seen it at least 10 times since!

Do you have a favorite Colonial event(s) and why?

It’s so hard to choose! One of my favorites is seeing the Hot Sardines during summer 2019. Watching lead singer Elizabeth Bougerol live her best life on stage in those sparkly black boots and end the set with an epic tambourine drop is something I still think about today. My other favorite was my last Colonial concert – Red Baraat. They had everyone on their feet in the first two minutes and got everyone to forget their worries, if only for two hours.

What do you like best about The Colonial?

I’ve always heard people talk about “your friendly neighborhood coffee shop”, or “your friendly neighborhood pizza place”, but never “your friendly neighborhood movie theater”. But that’s what The Colonial is! The staff, the volunteers, and the patrons are always so nice, and you can tell that everyone is happy to be there. And the local beer selection doesn’t hurt either 🙂

Anything else you’d like us to know?

It has been so awe-inspiring to watch The Colonial adapt to these unprecedented times, while still being able to keep everyone safe and fulfill their mission. I look forward to the days we can all dance in the aisles again, but until then I am content to stay safe, stay happy, and stay tuned.

Thank you Anastasia!