The 2022 White Mountain Cinema Camp has wrapped up and we are so proud of these students!

Following their journey from the first day of camp to the last from the inside perspective has been fascinating. Many of them started camp not knowing each other but seemed to transition seamlessly from icebreaker to creative collaboration.

In no time, they were in the thick of the filmmaking process working with highly specialized equipment like pros. Each student took turns directing, which requires planning out the scene and placing both the camera and the people in a way that best tells the story. When not directing, they all got the chance to work with the camera equipment and the sound rig. Some students who excelled in one area gave tips and helped others try new things continuing the practical collaboration.

Once the scenes were captured on film, the editing began, sometimes with one or two students and other times with the whole group working together to make decisions on the scenes.

In the end, the final product was a film that was made entirely by the students from concept through completion. This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without the guiding hand of our instructors, Alex Shea, Phillip Renton, and Austin Pellegrino. This team provided the creative spark for the script, taught the students how to use the equipment, and helped them understand the impact of their directorial decisions. When it came time to edit they sat with the students individually or in a group and asked them questions about what they wanted to see on the screen and then helped them achieve it. Their guidance and thoughtful instruction were the perfect catalysts to help the students express themselves creatively.

This year the students created two films. The first was Take a Hike which was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn the filmmaking process and technical equipment. The second was Lovestruck which allowed them to branch out a bit and explore the process a bit more. It’s interesting to see both films and observe the progression of their skill that takes place between the two films. Check them out for yourself. Click the links to watch Take A Hike and Lovestruck!