Art and Jody Flescher are a dynamic volunteering duo. They’re here at The Colonial every Saturday in our projection booth and concession area — literally running the show. In fact, Art recently became part of the show by participating in Do Tell!, our very first live storytelling event. Jody and Gumby were both prominently featured in Art’s story, but you’ll have to ask them for the details!

Thank you both for jumping into the volunteer role with ease — we always know The Colonial is in good hands when you’re here.

Q&A with Jody and Art:

How long have you been volunteering at The Colonial?

Jody: I’ve been volunteering for three years.
Art: No surprise, I’ve also been volunteering for three years.

What do you like most about volunteering?

Jody: My favorite part of volunteering is getting to know people and helping to support The Colonial tradition.
Art: What I like most is contributing to an organization which shares my appreciation of the arts.

Which movie shown at The Colonial has been your favorite?

Jody: “The Big Sick” – such an unexpected happy ending.
Art: “Yesterday” since I’m a huge Beatle fan and enjoyed the premise.

How about your favorite live show?

Jody: Beau Soleil; in fact, we paid for tickets and didn’t volunteer that night because I didn’t want to miss a single note!
Art: Pat Metheny — it was a rare opportunity to see him perform alone, and I was awestruck by his musical skills.

Favorite snack from the concessions area?

Jody: My favorite movie snack is the popcorn and I am the popcorn queen!!
Art: I, of course, believe that The Colonial popcorn is the best in the North Country!

The worst disaster that has happened on your watch?

Art: As projectionist I survived not one, but two occasions where the captions froze on the screen.  I appreciate the compassionate Colonial movie-goers!

Any other fun facts or stories?

Jody: Hmm — fun facts?! Well — one night at a live show — a lovely gentleman kept putting tips in the jar and asking me to dance until he realized the cashier was my husband!