Thu, Jun 10

The Science Behind A River Runs Through It

Join Dr. Ken Wagner in a discussion about the web of life in ‘A River Runs Through It’ followed by a screening of the film.

Event start time: Presentation Begins at 8pm | Film: 9pm
Location: The White Mountain School – Ruhl Family Amphitheatre, 371 West Farm Road, Bethlehem, NH 03574. Click here for a map of event location.

FREE | Registration Required – space is limited, and tickets will be claimed on a first come first served basis. Register early to ensure your spot at this event!

Presentation Description: The movie “A River Runs Through It” is about life, but the river becomes the thread that ties most of it together. It is in some ways analogous to another movie, “Field of Dreams”, which is about life and believing, with baseball tying it all together. One does not need to understand baseball to appreciate that movie, but knowing the sport can improve the experience. In “A River Runs Through It” the father and brothers flyfish in a beloved Montana stream not unlike many in New Hampshire, matching flies to hatches of insects, “reading” the water, and casting to where they expect fish to be. It isn’t random, and many of the scenes have solid scientific roots. We will talk about the web of life in a river, from algae to bugs to fish, and the factors that affect them. Management of river quality in New Hampshire is no different than in Montana or any other place, and success hinges on understanding the influence of watershed features like land use and climate, which have been changing in observable ways over the last half century. Without spoiling the movie, I will try to give you enough background to enjoy it more!

Dr. Wagner’s Bio: Dr. Wagner holds degrees from Dartmouth College and Cornell University, with his Ph.D. earned in Natural Resource Management in 1985. He has over 40 years of experience working on a variety of water resources assessment and management projects, including lake, reservoir, river and watershed assessment, rehabilitation, and management. In 2010 he started Water Resource Services, a small company with a focus on lake management, but he remains involved in stream and river habitat enhancement programs. He is a former President of the North American Lake Management Society and former Editor in Chief of Lake and Reservoir Management, a peer-reviewed journal. Specialties: Phytoplankton, other biological components of aquatic systems, water chemistry, water quality management techniques, quantitative analysis, environmental management systems.

Film: A River Runs Through It (1992). Director: Robert Redford, Cast: Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt, Tom Skerritt, Brenda Blethyn. Watch Trailer

*COVID-19 Protocol: To protect yourself and others we’ve limited admission to this event and request that all staff, volunteers, and audience members wear masks as they enter and move around the outdoor event space. When seated in the amphitheater, masks may be removed to enjoy the presentation.

*Event Tips: We encourage you to bring a blanket or cushion to make your viewing experience extra comfortable, and pack a snack if you would like to enjoy a treat during the presentation.

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