Thu, Jul 14 7:30 pm

Director: Darcy Wittenburg, Cast: Gee Atherton, Randy Little, Brook MacDonald, NR

Long Live Chainsaw reveals the untold, true story of the meteoric rise, untimely death, and long-lasting legacy of Canadian downhill mountain bike legend, Stevie Smith. From humble beginnings being raised by a single mom, Stevie’s unwavering belief not only propelled him to become the best in the world but inspired everyone he touched to believe in their own impossible dreams. “Long Live Chainsaw isn’t just a sports documentary, nor is it a shiny retrospective on Stevie’s lifetime achievements. It’s nuanced, it’s complex, and it’s a sincere look at a real person who was very much alive, and then wasn’t. We knew Anthill would make a great mountain biking movie, but Long Live Chainsaw would be worth the watch even with no bikes. Anthill has done Stevie proud.” —Alicia Leggett, Pinkbike

Sponsored by North Country Climbing CenterCarlson’s LodgeThe White Mountain School, Appalachian Mountain Cluband Rek’-lis Brewing