Traditional-leaning pickers from the Northeast, the Ghost of Paul Revere began to make waves after an appearance at the famed Newport Folk Festival. They have been classified as bluegrass, "holler roots" and "holler folk," but the Portland, Maine-based trio draws inspiration from beyond those Americana-esque realms.  The trio lend their voices to their folk-y call-and-responses with a definite rocker vibe.

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Wed, Jul 10

A sophisticated, family-friendly, pocket-sized clown circus in which charming vintage clowns play circus animals, sing as a human calliope, do the classic circus mirror routine with a twist, invent a number of ridiculous "entrées", perform live music, and execute a very satisfying slow motion number involving a pie!

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Fueled by the belief that classic jazz feeds the heart and soul, The Hot Sardines are on a mission to make old sounds new again and prove that joyful music can bring people together in a disconnected world.

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Credited as “the king & queen of the banjo,” Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn are a one of a kind pairing. Spanning murder ballads, gospel, chamber, and blues, the grammy-award winning duo lend their distinct banjo styles to a diverse repertoire.

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